Retirement Analytics Platform™
  The AXIS Retirement Analytics Platform™ is the industry's only comprehensive option for DOL's new regulatory requirements. Automated data aggregation, 408(b)(2) & 404a-5 Disclosures, extensive Reporting, and On-Demand Benchmarking — complete with Audit Controls. Data drives the AXIS Retirement Platform, and is aggregated on a monthly basis from your Data Providers. Plan & Fee data populates the dashboard tracking plan changes & ensuring the most current fee information.

Your clients, plan sponsor fiduciaries, must review current plan & fee arrangements resulting in plans being "on the move." Relying only on last year's Form 5500 data leaves your firm's benchmarking & fee analysis competitively disadvantaged.

Fundamental change is sweeping the qualified plan market. As firms struggle to comply & adapt to the DOL's new retirement plan landscape, with the AXIS Retirement Analytics Platform™ you can provide your firm and advisors the protection and peace-of-mind needed in the face of change.
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